First entry in the journal and it's a doozy!!

I feel like everything's been a flurry of activity and emotion the last two months. At the end of March I sought out a diagnosis for ADHD- which I've suspected I've had for years now. I tested very high for ADHD, anxiety and depression as well. I'm being medicated for the latter two now, which has made maintaining the ADHD easier. I'm reluctant to start any stimulants at the moment, Adderall is expensive and in short supply in the US. It's been validating knowing that the things I've struggled with my whole life are the product of a disorder and not a personal failing. Navigating my day to day with an understanding that a Neurotypical approach to things won't work no matter how hard I try and brute force it has been life changing- I'm learning to be patient with myself and keep my expectations reasonable.

I've ended a 4 year relationship with my boyfriend this month. I won't go into the details here but it's felt simultaneously abrupt and inevitable- a string pulled taught over years of unmet needs and finally broken under the weight of one very bad day. We're ending on good terms, and I hope to keep him as a friend. I've grown a lot through this relationship but I don't think I can continue to grow while I'm here with him. I'll be moving soon, if all goes well I'll be living with my sister, who is absolutely my favorite person in the world. I'm excited to make a little safe haven for the two of us away from boy problems and stress. Already daydreaming about decorating our new space. (●ˇ∀ˇ●)

I've let a lot of my online momentum go by the wayside the last month or two. I've always had a hard time staying consistent in posting and maintaining my socials but it's been frustrating wanting to be active and literally not being able to. I'm excited for my life to settle and to get back into it!