current status...

welcome stranger!

im gummie! a silly little gummy candy frog... turned gremlin? uh...whatever...

i grew up during that weird time when home computers still had dial-up and my first social media site was neopets
i've struggled with modern social media for a long time, i'm hoping this site can be a place where i can put things i enjoy without the stress algorithms and ever changing platforms!
this site is an ongoing project, i'm having a lot of fun learning code and a lot might change as i go

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it me!

who am i???
gummiefrog // gummie
queer | filipino-american | PNW
pisces sun | scorpio moon | virgo rising

current to-dos

☐ webrings

☒ journal page

☐ shrines page

☒ fiddle with color palettes

☒ fine tune fonts

☒ insert links on sidebar

☒ about page

☒ art gallery

☒ resource page

recent updates

new sketchbook entries

journal page

commission page

new main page formatting

guestbook added

art gallery!

added links + stamps to about

rough about page done

fixed some colors/text design

link to me added

cool sites i like added

'page not found' formatting done

'resources' formatting done

'homepage' formatting done